Vallejo Waterfront | Model: Elias Arumpac Jr. | 28 September 2013

H&M x Forever 21 | 28 September 2013

Lion Mane | 25 September 2013

Pier 39 | San Francisco, CA | 22 September 2013

Hangover Remedies | 22 September 2013

Saturday Night Chillin’ | Model: Elias Arumpac Jr. | 21 September 2013

San Francisco x Japan Town x CREAM | 20 September 2013

Recycled Treasures | 18 May 2013

One Step at a Time

The last time I legitimately posted on Tumblr was a great deal of time ago. I remember always wanting to become a blogger with a huge reputation and being known as someone important but after spending some time away from the blogging world and growing up quite a bit, I realized I just want to blog, to blog. Nothing big or fancy, just for myself. I love music, photography, art, fashion, food, and so on and so forth and I just want a place where I can express my love for the things I’m interested in. Hence, Tumblr.